about 5Track Focus Direct was founded by its director Jonny Sharp in 2013.
A passion for motorsport and track cars, as well as owning and working on a Focus ST project car for several years have led to connections and friendships with many people and companies in the car tuning world.

Track Focus Direct grew out of such relationships within about 1car club forums and prides itself in providing a customer-focused tuning experience.

Having studied and worked in Mechanical Engineering, Jonny Sharp then changed to a long-standing and successful career in IT, as well as possessing extensive knowledge and insights into track car developments and construction. Using his knowledge of engineering coupled about 4with a highly motived personality, he has designed and manufactured various modifications of the company’s project car, which have inspired the birth of Track Focus Direct – a company that deals in tuning offerings with a “Track Focus”.

We specialise in tuning modifications for fast road and track cars, as well as economy or performance tuning of everyday about 3cars and other vehicles. As an official reseller for Collins Performance, we are able to offer their high quality ECU software tuning maps including the newly released CP I FLASH kit.

We operate an online shop  but being based in Oxfordshire means we also serve the South Central area of the UK.

about 2If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube by by dropping us a line sales@trackfocusdirect.com

We’d love to hear from you!

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