Customer Review: Adrian’s CP320 Focus ST after his CP i-FLASH purchase from Track Focus Direct

– Adrian purchased a CP i-FLASH cable & software kit for the Focus ST225 with level 2i for cars with RS injectors. With his modifications its a CP320.

“After thinking about swopping maps for a while and many emails to Jonny for advice,
all of which were answered expeditiously, I finally decided to try out the CP i-Flash, ordered this from Jonny on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday (superior

The instructions provided, both video and written are very simple and easy to
follow which made installation of the new map very straight forward.

I installed the new map and took the car out. After a long drive I noticed that
the ‘big kick’ that I had with my previous map had disappeared, however,
although I thought the car didn’t feel as fast, I couldn’t have been more
mistaken, the car pulls all the way through the rev range and instead of a
massive kick you get constant power.

Although the car is still quick it is also very nice to drive when out with the
family and being driven as  ‘family car’. It is very smooth and not as
‘jerky’ as other maps I have used.

Big thanks to Jonny at Track Focus Direct for his excellent customer service
and pleasant and knowledgeable personality, he couldn’t have been more helpful.”

– Thank you for taking the time to send a photo of your car and write the great review Adrian. Enjoy your car! – TFD

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